Pemigewasset River Corridor Management Plan Update

Statement of Purpose
Pursuant to the NH Rivers Management and Protection Program, the Corridor Management Plan addresses recreational and non-recreational uses of the river and adjacent lands, protection of floodplains, habitat management, and other issues. Recommendations are made in the Plan which guide the activities of the Local Advisory Committee in their work with residents, municipalities, and state and federal agencies. Communities may adopt the Corridor Management Plan as an adjunct to their local master plan.

The first Corridor Management Plan for the Pemigewasset River was completed by the Pemigewasset River Local Advisory Committee (PRLAC) in 2001. See Pemi Management Plan (2001 edition). The Plan should be updated periodically to reflect accomplishments and changing circumstances.

Pemigewasset River Corridor Management Plan (2013 edition) - adopted April 2013
Pemigewasset River Corridor Management Plan (2024 edition) - adopted January 2024

September 27, 2022 Kick-Off Meeting Update
On September 27th the LRPC met with PRLAC members to conduct a presentation regarding the process of updating the Pemi River Corridor Management Plan. As part of the presentation, the scope of work was outlined as were the timeline objectives. If you were unable to attend the meeting and would like to view the presentation, click here.

Additionally, participants were provided with a survey which would allow for their input on the management plan update. If you would like to participate in the survey and have your voice be heard, click here: Public Input Survey

Use the following links to view other documents that were provided as part of the presentation:
Pemi River Fact SheetPemi River MapHandout Sheet.
If you have questions/comments on this information, please email David Jeffers ( or Matt Rose ( LRPC’s direct line is 603-279-8171.