Solid Waste Management 

With USDA funding, the Lakes Region Planning Commission is developing a series of technical training for solid waste managers and local officials. Information on these sessions and associated resources are posted here.


Solid Waste Facilities Interactive Map
Transfer Stations  |  Auto Salvage Yards   Unlined Landfills
Food Pantries  |  HHW Collection Sites

Capped Landfill Maintenance 101

Did you know...communities have are required to monitor and manage their closed landfills? There are over 300 in New Hampshire! Routine inspections are needed to make sure these sites are well contained and not leaking into our drinking water! 

Are you in charge of your communties capped landfill, but unsure about your responsibilities? Check out the presentations and fact sheets below for more information!

5-30-19 Agenda
5-30-19 Meeting Minutes
Don Watson, NHDES presentation - permits, inspection procedures, reporting, helpful tips, performance standards, action items, contact information
Fred Bickford, Capped Sandiwch Landfill Maintenance presentation - site example and data trends



Disposal and Uses of Glass in Transportation

2-6-19 Agenda
2-6-19 Meeting Minutes
2-6-19 Roundtable NRRA Presentation

Food Waste Management and Composting

For past roundtable minutes, presentations and resources refer to archive in right column

12-20-18 Agenda
12-20-18 Meeting Minutes

12-20-18 NERC/LRPC Compost Training Presentation

Food Recovery and Composting Handouts: Developed by LRPC and the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association (NEWMOA) as part of the "Promoting Strategies to Keep Food Waste Out of Landfills" training and technical assistance program.
NEWMOA Partnered Event: Food Recovery & Donation Opportunities & Challenges in the Lakes Region was a free networking event on November 5, 2018 to increase opportunities and partnerships of local food recovery systems. Presentations available at:  _________________________________________________________________

Efficient Site Management Practices (Transfer Stations)

For past roundtable minutes, presentations and resources refer to archive in right column

Need help with managing your site? (storage, traffic patterns, signage, etc.)
Contact the LRPC for assistance and we'll help conduct an assessment!
Phone: (603) 279-8171
Email: OR

Technical Assistance
For greener businesses and contractors - find the resources you need to go green and improve business performance.
Center for EcoTechnology (CET)
Recycling Works - recycling assistance program that helps businesses and institutions maximize recycling, reuse and food waste diversion opportunities


Paint Stewardship

Paint Stewardship 101 - this webinar explores the impressive results of nine paint stewardship programs in states that have implemented legislation, including collection convenience, cost savings, paint resuse, recycling, beneficial use and other important topics.

Webinar 101 Presentation (11/14/18)
Webinar 101 Recording

Advanced Paint Stewardship - the second part of this webinar series covers best practices, current challenges and creative solutions.
Webinar [Advanced] Presentation (12/10/18)
Webinar [Advanced] Recording

Additional Resources is a privately owned, for-profit company that specializes in providing consumers with accessible and actionable recycling information across the country. Their Recycling Directory contains information for recycling over 240 different products and is free to use.
Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) - Helps to coordinate sustainable product management among ten states
Northeast Resource Recovery Association (NRRA) - provides cooperative purchasing programs, educational and networking opportunities, technical assistance and cooperative marketing programs.
Call2Recycle, Inc. - Takes rechargeable batteries from toys, tools, and various electronic devices for free
Green Guide to Recycling Appliances and Electronics- When recycling large appliances or electronics, there are certain guidelines that should be followed.

For more information, contact the regional coordinator: David Jeffers